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You'll need:

  1. 3+ players
  2. The rules
  3. A sense of humor

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How to Play

What the GIF?! is the world's first GIF party game! Compete with your friends to post the funniest response to GIFs and get crowned the funniest friend once and for all.

In each round, your group will be prompted with a GIF. It’s your job to choose the funniest response card in your hand to play against the GIF. You’ll have 7 Response Cards in your “hand” at once. Once you use a card, it is “used up” and replaced by a new random one.

After everyone submits their response, everyone votes on the best answer. After the specified number of rounds, the person with the most points wins the game.

Good luck and GIF on!

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wdyGIF on Instagram! wdyGIF on Twitter!